Who Am I?


Hi, It’s nice to meet you! I’m Jonathan Sumner, the owner of this blog. I am a dietetics student in Plymouth University, UK. I love bodybuilding, health, and life!

Let me start with a disclaimer: I love eating pizza, donuts, and all the rest of the heavenly foods! You won’t see me eating a salad every day. I love to preach about enjoying what you eat while reaching your goals!

I got interested in bodybuilding just as a way to increase my confidence and look better then I just wanted to optimise my workouts in the gym which led me to do my own research then study about diet and nutrition spread the amazing life of being strong and healthy! (And looking good too!)

If you have any questions that would like to be answered then don’t hesitate to leave a comment and for business matters email me at: Me@JonathanSumner.com